Esther’s First Two Weeks In India: NBJK

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Our apologies if you’ve received this newsletter twice but due to a technical hitch it didn’t go to all our supporters when we sent it a few days ago.  We are resending it now to be sure it goes to everyone who is interested in Action Village India.  Thank you for your understanding.

It has been two weeks since I landed in Delhi and in the past two weeks I have been able to already do, see and learn so much from the communities and partners we work with.
The beginning of my trip started with meeting MESH (maximising employment to serve the handicapped), a fairtrade organisation who works with producer groups supporting artisans living with a disability. I was lucky to be part of their annual producer network meeting, and was able to meet all their producer groups directly, hear their stories and also get a look at the beautiful products they make.

From Delhi I took an overnight train towards Koderma, 1053km east of Delhi. Here I was met by the NBJK team. Our travel continued overland for 60km (about 2-3 hours) from Koderma to Hazaribagh where NBJK have their main office. It was great to meet Satish, Girija, their families, Rajeev and also the new project manager, Ateesh.

The following day we were joined by our trustee, Elanor, for a programme of 4 days visiting and meeting with the community groups and communities working and participating in the Girls’ Education and Community Action projects.

After a very productive and interesting visit with NBJK, we had some free time in Bodh Gaya and were also able to meet with BalJyoti who works with women from marginalised communities.


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