Our Partners

Action Village India’s very foundations are linked to a friendship between one of our founders and the Association for Sarva Seva Farms, which began in 1989. Our partners are the reason Action Village India exists. Our goal is to best support our partners in their work towards improving the lives of India’s rural poor, whether that be through financial support, exchanges of information and dialogue or raising awareness of their work outside of India. To this end, since 2003, Action Village India has also supported Partners’ Forums, hosting rotating between partners, where all Action Village India partners come together to discuss, learn and share with each other.

Our partnerships are not created as a means to an end. They are at the heart of our work and many of our partnerships have spanned decades. Our partners, whether large or small organisations, all work directly at the grassroots level across rural India – from Bihar and Jharkhand in the North, in Odisha and down to Tamil Nadu. They are experts in their fields and design their development projects to best serve their local communities. The majority of our partners, like many of the founders and original supporters of Action Village India, have their motivations and practices rooted in Gandhian traditions and philosophy: truth, non-violent resistance and self-sufficiency.

Quality Education

Opportunity to Work and Save

Land Rights

Rights of Women and Girls

Disability Rights

Improved Health

Local Democracy

Sustainable Agricultural Innovation

Our Partners

Our partners are based in several regions rural India. Click on the highlighted areas of the map for more information.

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