Action Village India (AVI) supports projects in rural and remote areas of India: from Bihar in the North down to Tamil Nadu in the South. People living in these rural communities are far less likely to benefit from government programmes and more likely to be affected by poverty,  lack of education and healthcare as well as  experiencing multiple forms of discrimination and marginalisation.

AVI supports rural development projects devised and managed in-country by our local Indian partner organisations, who work with disadvantaged communities in the Gandhian tradition of non-violent change and self-organisation. Our partners are the experts in understanding local communities and how to address their needs and rights at the grassroot level. The role of AVI is to support them to finance, deliver and develop their work with communities and local stakeholders.

AVI is at the heart of a community with many supporters who express support and solidarity with our partners and communities in India. Our community of supporters includes people who have a long-term commitment to Action Village India and the wonderful volunteers of the peerless Madras Café. We have also secured valued funding from many large and small trusts and foundations as well as some businesses and social enterprises.

Where We Make An Impact

Action Village India (AVI) believes that every man, woman, and child in rural India has the right to take control of their lives and to prosper in fair, equal, and inclusive communities. We work to secure the rights and livelihoods of India’s rural poor women, men and children, through supporting our local partners to deliver projects focused on education, health, land rights, agricultural innovation, and women’s rights and gender equality.

These eight areas of impact have been identified in consultation with our local Indian partners who have advised which rural communities are the most in need based on their knowledge and engagement with local communities. Many of our projects focus on two or more of these areas and naturally these impact areas are interlinked.

Quality Education

Opportunity to Work and Save

Land Rights

Rights of Women and Girls

Disability Rights

Improved Health

Local Democracy

Sustainable Agricultural Innovation

Our Projects

Our projects have impact in several regions of rural India. Click on the highlighted areas of the map to display some examples.

Past Supported Projects

Dairy-Based Livelihoods 5
Dairy-Based Livelihoods
  • Madurantagam Area, Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu
  • Partner: ASSEFA
Disability Rights 24
Disability Rights
  • Bihar & Jarkland
  • Partner: NBJK
Maternal Health 1
Maternal Health
Rural Livelihoods 10
Rural Livelihoods

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