Supper Club Fundraising Kit

Welcome to the Action Village India Supper Club! We’re pleased to have you join us. In the past, our fundraisers have had great success fundraising through virtual and in-person supper clubs, and so we would like to offer you the opportunity to host your own too.

Getting Involved

If you would like to fundraise for us, we have all the tools you need to set up your own fundraising event for your family and friends.

There are two ways you can organise your supper:
1. You can hold the event virtually
2. You can hold the event in person

You can find more tips on these in the free, downloadable Supper Club Kit below.

Supper Club Kit

The Supper Club Kit contains all the steps and information you need, from setting up your fundraising page to promoting your event.

In the Supper Club Kit, you can find:
– A selection of recipes (starters, mains, and desserts!) from the Madras Café Cookbook in pdf format so you can share them with your guests
– A Supper Club Quiz (with answers of course!)
– A limited time discount on products in the Action Village India gift shop for you and your guests
– A Spotify playlist containing Indian artists to play during the event
– Images and text for your fundraising page

Click below to access a free download of the Supper Club Kit.



We are always here is you need any support or help setting up your event. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

We would love it if you shared pictures of your evening with us. You can share pictures and videos via email at [email protected] or on your social media. Tag Action Village India on Facebook (@actionvillageindia), Twitter (@ActionVillageIn) and Instagram (@actionvillageindiauk).

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