We would like to offer our grateful thanks to these organisations that have worked with Action Village India.

Partnerships are at the heart of what we do – this is not just the partnership with the partners we support in India, but also with individuals and groups that we collaborate with here in the United Kingdom. We have been lucky that we have a great group of people who share our ethos, and work with us to continue our support to communities in rural India. The range of collaborations is diverse, and include becoming charity partners of businesses as well as working together with other organisations to send oxygen units to partners in India confronting the Covid-19 pandemic.

We welcome like-minded groups to get involved and get in touch with us to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Tea India

Our collaboration with Tea India started a few years ago when they donated tea for a raffle we held at one of our events. This small contribution grew to us becoming their charity partner. We are grateful for their ongoing partnership.

Besides being displayed on Tea India’s Masala Chai boxes, The Harris Freeman Foundation, which is the charity set up by Tea India’s parent company, provides funds to our Girls’ Education Project, which supports 1000+ girls in rural Indian communities to continue their secondary education. They feel a special connection to the regions where their teas are sourced, as well as a responsibility to help — their commitments are therefore specifically focused on these communities.

Tea India offeres a range of different teas. From single-estate regional teas to spiced chai to wellness blends infused with Indian herbs, each tea offers something unique and indulgent. Their founder and master blenders brought their family recipes from India and created authentic tea blends to bring you joy, balance, and contentment.

Tea India

Su Che Design

Śu Chē Design creates unique Indian pop art prints by designer Bhavin.  As a Kenyan, Indian and Londoner, he loves exploring the idiosyncrasies and traditions that have defined his multicultural upbringing and turning these quirky ideas into works of art.

This work is made to celebrate and amplify the languages and cultures that have shaped his identity as a second generation immigrant, at times blending the mishmash of East and West.

Bhavin is donating £1 from the sale of every print to charities that support development work in India, and Action Village India are delighted to be one of the recipients of his generosity.

Su Che Design

Nishkam SWAT

In May 2021, when the covid crisis was at its peak in India, Nishkam SWAT donated 39 Oxygen Units.

The 2nd wave of Covid affected many people and it was more dangerous than 1st wave.  Many people were dying due to the unavailability of beds in hospitals and shortage of medicines. There was a lack of oxygen availability in hospitals. Many people were suffering from Covid, and several deaths happened due to the lack of proper treatment. Many people did not have precautionary medical equipment such as thermometer, oximeter, vaporizer, etc in their homes which made the situation worse.

To help support medical centers cope with the number of patients, 15 Oxygen units were provided to NBJK’s Eye Hospital and 24 to Ekta Parishad who distributed them across different health centers across 4 states.

Nishkam SWAT is a charitable organisation based in the UK. Their primary function is to unite and transform financially disadvantaged communities by focusing on projects which make a difference to people’s lives and improve their prospects. Their current projects include the Homeless Project, Nishkam SWAT Project Recovery, Elderly Care Project and Nishkam Healthcare.


Plant Pops

Plant Pops, create delicious plant based snacks from different ancient grains and seeds – starting with popped lotus seeds. Plant Pops wanted their snacks to be more than just food, and ensure that they give back.

Their partnership with Action Village India means each pack of popped lotus seeds sold helps give back. A portion of their profits go to farmers and their families in Bihar, India (where they source their lotus seeds from).

Plant Pops

Linwater Caravan Park

Owner Katie Guinan is an ongoing supporter of Action Village India, having run the 2021 Edinburgh marathon as a fundraiser. She holds strong beliefs in the importance of educating girls and raises money for Action Village India through her Scottish holiday rentals website.

Linwater Caravan Park

The Wholefood Store

Our partnership with The Wholefood Store started a few years ago when they started selling and promoting our products and cookbook in their shop. In May 2021, when the covid crisis was at its peak in India donated their dosa sale profits to the COVID Appeal. We thank them for their continuing support.

Established in 1998, The Wholefood Store in Manningtree stocks an extensive range of wholefoods, organic fruit and veg, delicious sourdoughs, natural supplements and bodycare, essential oils and plant based candles. They also sell delicious and authentic south Indian food made by our cook Lakshmi.

Wholefoods Store

Anisha Parmar London

Anisha Parmar London is all about empowering statement adornments designed to enhance the confidence within.

Taking threads from the rich tapestry of South Asian culture, viewed through the Diaspora lens, our pieces aim to blend traditional influences with trailblazing contemporary design to create striking statement jewels and accessories.

During the covid pandemic Anisha Parmar, with her brand deep rooted in South Asian heritage and India, wanted to give back after seeing how her loved country had been overcome by the Covid Crisis. We thank her for choosing Action Village India and donating sales from her jewellery to support the relief work of our partners.

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