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Working towards a Just, Equal, and Inclusive India

Action Village India (AVI) supports Indian partner organisations who work alongside villagers in some of the most remote parts of rural India so they can improve their lives, livelihoods and resilience.

AVI works towards an India which is just, fair and inclusive, where all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, caste or belief can benefit from the Country’s economic development and lift themselves out of poverty.

The COVID Crisis in India

As we all have been witnessing, the COVID-19 crisis in India is deepening and spreading. The second wave of the pandemic is affecting almost two-thirds of the population directly or indirectly with devastating consequences. This second wave comes on the back of widespread food and financial insecurity amongst the poorest households in India. We are already seeing increasing medical emergencies, serious hunger and unemployment this year.

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Support – Action Village India
Support – Action Village India

Support Us

AVI is building a community of women and men passionate about supporting people living in rural India to claim their rights and improve their standards of living. Solidarity in action!

We keep our overheads in the UK  as low as possible through our very small and dedicated team as well as our shared office space. This enables us to send as much of your support as possible directly to India so that it reaches those who really need it. All our projects are delivered by trusted partners.

You can support us through a one-off donation or by a regular monthly, quarterly or annual donation. You can choose which project you want your support to reach or simply leave it to us to allocate your contribution to where it is needed most.


Projects that Make a Difference

Action Village has worked in India since 1988 to support partner organisations delivering projects which work for change at the grassroots in rural Indian communities. These projects secure the rights and livelihoods of India’s rural poor focussing on eight main areas of impact.

Our Projects
Contact – Action Village India
Contact – Action Village India

Lasting Partnerships

The Indian partner organisations we work with in very different States in India are all experts in their fields and in developing projects to best serve their local populations. These partnerships are at the heart of Action Village India’s work and many of these relationships have spanned decades.

Our Partners

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