Walk for Women 2024

Saturday 6th July 2024

Welcome to 2024’s annual fundraising event: Walk for Women – raising money to support disadvantaged women and girls in rural India. 2024 marks the 21st anniversary of this much-loved fundraiser!


The walk will be in its usual venue: the beautiful Virginia Water.  Participants will gather to walk, share a meal provided by Action Village India’s trustee, Pallavi, and raise money to support women and girls’ development in India.

This free Walk for Women Walkers Kit is to use on the day and share with your walking companions. This includes:

• a music playlist from Indian female singers

• a small selection of podcasts/interviews on Women’s rights in India

• some easy-to-pack Indian recipes from the fabulous Madras Café Cookbook 2 for your end of walk picnic.

If you’d like to join the walk, please contact Pallavi on [email protected] so that she can plan how many people will be taking part in the walk and the shared meal she is kindly providing.

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Action Village India (AVI) works with local Indian partner organisations with the belief that every man, child and woman in rural India has the right to take control of their lives and prosper in fair, equal and inclusive communities.

Some of the ongoing projects on women and girls’ rights delivered by AVI’s partners include:

• Supporting women living with a disability to ensure they know their rights, can access benefits, combat stigma and through Self-Help Groups, are able to save money and access loans.

• Supporting girls who would otherwise have dropped out of school due to domestic duties and marriage, to continue their secondary education.

• Supporting women to fight for their rights and achieve control over their means of livelihood, in particular their land rights. With over 75% of Indian women working as farmers, and only 13% of them owning their own land, this struggle for land reform is of immense importance to women.

Download your free Walk for Women Walkers Kit

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