Walk for Women 2021

Welcome back to Walk for Women!

Join us on Saturday 21st August to support disadvantaged women and girls in rural India.

Like last year, in response to the effect of Covid-19, walking together as before will not be possible. However, this does not mean that we cannot come together remotely or in small groups to enjoy a warm summer day walking and continue supporting women who are in need and their families.

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Join the Walk for Women

This year, there are different ways how you can join:

  1. You can walk remotely – by yourself or with your loved ones.
  2. You can join an organised Walk for Women.
  3. You can organise a Walk for Women yourself.

Scroll down to find out more information on each of these options.

Walk Remotely

Like last year, it is possible for you to join the walk remotely or in a small group. You can access the links below to enjoy during your walk:

  • Indian Recipes – An exclusive selection of easy-to-pack Indian recipes for your end-of-walk picnic, specially created for this year’s walk by Pallavi to enjoy.
  • Youtube Podcasts & Music – A Youtube playlist of podcasts and interviews on women’s rights in India and Indian music by female artists.

For more delicious recipes, you can always have a look in the Madras Café Cookbook 1 or 2, which you can buy here. 

Join an Organised Walk

Alternatively, you can join an organised walk (see details below). Over the coming weeks, we will post more walks below as they come in.

  • Join Pallavi
    Location: GU25 4QF for the main Virginia Water car park
    Date: Saturday 21st August
    Time: 10:30 am
    A note from the organiser: Please bring your own picnic, as we won’t serve food this year. If you want to make sure we wait for you, please get in touch with us. You can email Esther for more information about this walk: [email protected]
  • Join Andy Rutherford (with Libby Blake and hopefully Mike Campbell and Kieran Travers)
    Location: Milhars, Tarn, 81170, France
    Date: Saturday 21st August or Sunday 22nd August tbc.
    A note from the organiser: You can email Andy directly for more information about this walk: [email protected]
  • Join Rose Bradbury 
    Location: Bredon Hill, Worcestershire
    Date: Saturday 21st August or Sunday 22nd August tbc.
    A note from the organiser: You can email Rose directly for more information about this walk: [email protected]
Organise your own Walk for Women

We won’t be organising a large Walk for Women at Virginia Water this year, due to the restrictions and uncertainties around COVID. Therefore, we would like to ask our supporters to organise their own Walk for Women for friends, family or colleagues. You can do this entirely how you wish to do so – you can prepare a picnic for your attendees or simply just walk together. You could set up your own JustGiving page linked to the main Walk for Women 2021 JustGiving page. If you have any questions, just click the ‘get in touch’ button below.

If you are happy for other people to join your walk, let us know and we will add your walk to the list above.

We have arranged useful documents which can be found by clicking on the ‘Organise Your Own Walk’ button below. This will lead to you a Google Drive containing:

  1. The official Walk for Women 2021 pack – includes recipes for your end-of-walk picnic, links to podcasts and interviews, and Spotify music playlists.
  2. The Action Village India handbook – you can share this with your walkers so they know exactly who they are supporting.
  3. Text and Images – you can use these for your fundraising page.

For more delicious recipes, you can always have a look in the Madras Café Cookbook 1 or 2, which you can buy here. 

If you need any help accessing these documents, please get in touch with us.

Organise Your Own Walk Get in Touch

Share Your Walk With Us!

We would love it if you shared pictures or videos of your walk with us, so we can share them on our social media. There are a few ways you can do this.

You can share pictures and videos of your walk via email at [email protected] or you can tag Action Village India on Facebook (@actionvillageindia), Twitter (@ActionVillageIn) or Instagram (@actionvillageindiauk). Make sure to use the the hashtag #walkforwomen2021.

What we are raising money for?

Every year since 2005, walkers have been coming together to spend a day walking in the stunning location of Virginia Water to raise funds for helping disadvantaged women in rural India. Last year walkers raised £5,298. Thank you all.

Action Village India (AVI) works with local Indian partner organisations with the belief that every man, child and woman in rural India has the right to take control of their lives and prosper in fair, equal and inclusive communities.

This year, Walk for Women will support Action Village India’s partner EquiDiversity. EquiDiversity has been active in India since 2016 and is committed to creating an environment that promotes gender equality through political, social and financial empowerment with active informed participation of individuals, the community and the state. EquiDiversity Foundation envisions a society where there is gender equality, co-sharing of power, and freedom from gender-based violence.

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