Seasons Greetings from Action Village India

We wish you peace and happiness and we sincerely hope that 2022 will be a happier and more just year for everybody.

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

It has been a year of continuing challenges both for many supporters and friends of Action Village India and for partners across rural India that we have the continuing privilege to collaborate with.

In response to these challenges, partners in India have worked to strengthen community, humanity and solidarity.

The communities where partners have been working in, often for decades, are some of the poorest in India. The sharpening and deepening of social and economic inequalities, injustices and prejudices, catalysed by Covid, have been felt dramatically and disproportionately by migrant labourers and marginalised women, men and children across rural India.

It has been a vibrant web of citizen’s organisations and movements, including Action Village India partners, who have been making vital community centred responses.

Action Village India’s vision is to contribute to improving access to rights and livelihoods for women, men and children in parts of rural India, so that they can live in fair and just communities. We have tried to share how partners are working to do this with you through our newsletters.

The responses of the community of Action Village India – Esther, Aneeta, our volunteers and interns, trustees, the Madras Café family and you, our supporters and friends – have been both moving and inspiring.

We upliftingly joined together in our responses to the ‘Heart of Action Village India’ request for solidarity over the first half of 2021. We were part of the ‘Partners Forum’. Our ‘Walk for Women’ linked people in a number of communities and households in three countries. Madras Café volunteers energetically planned for a WOMAD cancelled at the last minute. Our wonderful Madras Café cookbook 2, which shares the work of our partners amidst delicious recipes, is becoming a wonderful way of building our community.

Across the year our community of supporters has shown many examples of humanity and solidarity all linked to a discovering and rediscovering of the deep importance of sharing and caring.

Our commitment is ongoing and we welcome you to continue being part of it in 2022.

So please accept a sincere, deeply felt, thank you on behalf of all of us who are part of the Action Village India community and from partners across India.

We wish you peace and happiness and we sincerely hope that 2022 will be a happier and more just year for everybody.

Andy Rutherford
Chair of Trustees, Action Village India

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