Dairy-Based Livelihoods

Dairy-Based Livelihoods

  • Partner: ASSEFA
  • Area: Madurantagam Area, Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu
  • Project Participants: 300 Women
  • 2018-2019
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Farmers get paid for their milk based on the weight, fat, and Solid Non-Fat (SNF) contents of the milk. However, in general, fat and SNF contents are averaged for the milk collected for each village, as it is a challenge to collect samples from individuals for testing purposes. This means that farmers who add water to their milk get paid the same amount per litre as those with high-quality milk.

This project has installed milk analysing units in 9 villages. This allows individual dairy farmers to test the quality of their milk and to know what they will earn for their supply of milk. It also helps them understand when they need to improve the quality of their milk and consequently enables them to increase their income.

Madurantagam area is a disadvantaged area and the prime occupation is agriculture. However, due to the erratic rainfall, farmers have lost trust in agriculture as their main occupation. ASSEFA has therefore been involved for years in promoting dairy based livelihoods.

As a result of this project, individual producers in the 9 villages can now collectively secure a better price if the quality of the milk is good and the farmers can take necessary steps – feed management, veterinary care, etc. –  to improve the quality of their milk and increase their income.

Current Project Funders

  • Action Village India Individual Supporters
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