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Following on from the bestselling Madras Café Cookbook 1, the Madras Café cooks are back with an exciting new cookbook including some of the Café all-time favourite vegetarian recipes and brand-new vegan recipes. The book offers new inspirations to those who want to explore authentic Indian flavours served as a special thali with a twist: home-made Indian cooking that prioritises the environment without sacrificing pleasure, taste and is easy to make.

“I’m delighted to report, having cooked every single recipe from the first volume of the Madras Café book, each one is an absolute gem- easy, delicious and authentic. It remains my go-to cookbook, BUT there is a new kid on the block… 

“I am delighted to welcome this second Madras Café Cookbook:  full of fresh recipes to try.

“I have no hesitation at all in writing this:  get yourself a copy as soon as you are able. Let Madras Café and Action Village India bring you to the heart of this world-beating cuisine. Buy the book, start to cook, and thank them for the keys to the doors of the most tantalising, life-affirming dishes you can create right there in your own kitchen”.

 – Cerys Matthews

As featured in Plant Based Magazine (April and May 2021) and Vegan Life Magazine (May 2021).

All profits from the sale of the Madras Café Cookbook 2 will go to support AVI’s amazing partners’ work in rural India. Contact [email protected] with any queries.

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