Case Study: Kameshwar and Malti Sahu from our partner NBJK

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Kameshwar Sahu (60) and Malti Devi (60) are couple. They both live in village Dantar, Varishth Nagar Jori, Chatra, Jharkhand. Since, they were living alone and the pandemic was spreading, they decided to live with the son in Hazaribagh. Hazaribag is 60kms from Chatra.

They came through public transport on 22.04.2021. Soon, after coming to Hazaribagh, they both got fever and body ache. Initially they thought it is just a mild fever and will go away. As precaution, they gave their sample for COVID test on 23rd April, but their health kept on deteriorating.

On 25th, their son approached NBJK to get Oximeter to check the SpO2 level of their parent. NBJK has made a pool of Oximeter to be given to needy as there is shortage of oximeter and is not readily available in the market. It is a simple Rs. 2000 devices but is very crucial to monitor health of the individual in COVID. NBJK provides the oximeter to the needy and ask them to return it after the patient is treated so that it could be given again to someone needy.

NBJK immediately provided the Oximeter. When they checked the SpO2 level of their parent at around 1pm, the reading was 75 for Kameshwar Sahu and 70 for Malti Devi. The ideal is 100 and it is suggested to seek hospital when it is lower than 90. SpO2 70 is at high risk. We immediately asked them to get admitted in the hospital.

They had no idea where to go. The hospitals do not take admit unless the COVID result comes positive. Generally, it is taking 2-3 days in getting the RtPCR report. We requested the testing centre to provide the report urgently. NBJK booked the ambulance and personnel from NBJK accompanied them in getting to the Govt. Hospital in Hazaribag. They reached the hospital at 2pm. All the 300 beds at the hospital were occupied. Meanwhile the SpO2 level of Mr. Kameshwar went to 70 and SpO2 of Mrs Malti Devi was down to 60. Seeing the patient condition, the hospital provided the oxygen support in the emergency section while we waited for the bed to get vacant and the COVID report to come. At 3pm we receided the report as positive and gave it to the hospital staff. After, 1 hr, with our continuous effort, both the patients were able to get admitted in the hospital as some beds become vacant after few patients get discharged from the hospital.

They both got admission in the ICU section of the hospital. Since, a lot of emergency drugs are not available at the govt. hospital, we procured them on their behalf and gave it to the hospital. They were well taken care at the hospital by the hospital staffs and their health started improving from the day one. After being there at the govt. hospital for 7 days, they both returned to their home defeating the COVID on 2nd May 2021.

Both of them are now fine and give blessings to the NBJK and team for saving their life.


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